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F... AND LOTS OF IT! (1980)

If you like your porn with a bit of WEIRD in it, check out F and Lots of It! This 80'S gem, starring the late, great John Leslie feels more like an old Twilight Zone episode than a porn movie.

From the doll sex three-way to the Giant Vagina chase scene, F...and Lots of It! made me laugh, cry and cum… at the same time.



Hi porn fans… I think we can all agree that retro porn is not for everybody;  And I guess I found a film that is not for ANYBODY!!! Yes, if you want to really punish your dick,  then try watching the 1973 movie  "Three Cheers for  B.J.U."  

This movie is soooooo unsexy, half way through I started fantasizing about getting married. Just so my wife would walk in and stop the madness.  I do not give this movie  three cheers. I give it two Boos and a yawn.. Have a great week.




This film is hilariously bad!!! My D**k feel asleep. I put this retro flick at the bottom of my porn pile…




Much like the NON- PORN classic  Rear Window,  Directed by the late, great Alfred  H.,  who was kinda porny… This movie take us on a roller coaster ride of suspense… Watch a very young Tom Byron  peer through his telescope and beat his amazing meat to the babes who live next store.  These two sexy vixens spend their days playing with sex toys, hosting robot orgies and  pulling  a 3-way on man dressed as a bunny. The legend himself Paul Thomas.

Is this a porn movie or Comic Con? Who cares it works for me.  

Private Teacher is great,  but the last scene is a classic.  Young Tom lives out the ultimate fantasy,  when he gets busy with two legends of porn… Janey Robbins and the one of the original MILFS  Honey Wilder..

To sum up, PRIVATE TEACHER is at the top of my porn pile of retro raunch…CHECK IT OUT.



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